Knowledge - boards


Bamboo Core

Our lightweight poplar core combined with 2 bamboo stringers in the center also covering the insert area gives the board a very poppy feeling. Another benefit is the added strenght and a more stiffer feeling but without loosing the liveliness of the board.

Basalt Stringers

Basalt fibers are stronger then regular fiberglass with the same weight. This means we can build lighter boards with better flex properties. Basalt fibers are not as rigid as Carbon fibers, this means the board breaks not that easy! Basalt features 2 stringers on top & 2 on the bottom for our most responsive flex pattern.


Camba is Head’s traditional camber profile. The board is convex from the tip and tail contact points to an apex in the center of the board, which delivers optimum power transfer for pop and intense manouverability and grip.

Extruded Base

Head extruded bases are fast and durable as well as easy to maintain.


Flocka delivers the best of both worlds, with the precision and predictability of camber and the playfulness of and “catch-free” ride of rocker. In short Flocka has a broken in feel but with the solid pop of a new stick.


Our all new Framewall has a higher sidewall working as a torsion frame that adds extra stiffness and control to the board. The Framewall also helps your board to absorb smaller shockwaves: The profile of the Framewall creates a continious pressure over the whole edge.

Hammerhead Tip & Tail

Hammerhead Tip and Tail is our tribute to the past. It features a larger surface area in the tip and tail for more control when landing. Also this greater surface area better distributes power in takeoffs. As a weight-saving measure Head cut into the tip and tail giving the board a unique, retro style.

Hybrid Camba DCT

The Hybrid Camba DCT shape is a evolution of our classic CAMBA shape. The DCT shape of our Hybrid Camba line has Camba under the bindings and a flat part between the bindings combined with a more narrow waist and a more aggressive sidecut in this area for sharpe turns and quicker initiation of rotation during the take off on big kickers. The pop loaded camber starts just inside of the binding area and goes all the way to the conact points in tip & tail.


Intellifibers are piezoelectric fibers that absorb energy from edge-to-edge turns and stiffen up to give more control and power to the board.

KERS Technology

KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is a system we’ve adapted straight from Formula 1 to harvest kinetic energy produced during edge-to-edge transferred to electric energy via piezoelectric fibres and stored in the KERS chip. This is then fed it back to you when you ollie or power carve. The upshot is you’ll be fired out of turns and get insane pop off transitions.

Poplar Core

The Select Core is made from handpicked full-length poplar stringers - lively and long-lasting.


Rocka is Head’s easy-riding, “catch-free” concave camber profile, ideal for smooth presses and butters, lift in the pow and an effortless slide in the streets or on the mountain.

Sintered Base

Our sintered bases feature high wax absorption and a dense molecular structure for unbeatable durability and ease of maintenance.


Head’s Twins are built for the trickster whose domain extends from pipe and park kickers and rails to the metal and concrete of the street. Switch tricks and fakie landings have never been so easy.

Twin Directional

Our Directional Twin boards are not only precision all-mountain riding tools, they are equally adept in the park and pipe.

Wood Core

The Select Core is made from handpicked full-length poplar stringers – lively and long-lasting.