Knowledge - boots


Asymmetric Cuff Cut

HEAD has invented the Cuff Cut and now made it asymmetric to better fit to the anatomy of a riders foot - enabling the boot to flex more natural, resulting in minimal deformation of the shell.


Entry-level liner for rookies learning the ropes, this pre-molded liner offers a super cozy fit.


LACE UP: Push the knob in and turn for an effortless tightening and a comfortable fit. UNLACE: Just pull the knob to pop and unlock. The Dynamic Closure system is a replaceable miniature high tensile stainless steel cable that runs through the lace guides with minimal friction for perfect pressure distribution and a micro-adjusting fit.

Comfort Cuff

The Comfort Cuff offers more flex on the medial side of the boot providing added comfort and more natural flex.

Cuff Cut

The Cuff Cut eliminates bulging and deformation of the shell and smooth forward flex.

Flex Flaps

The Flex Flaps provide a close fit around the forefoot. The hinged toe laceguides adapt well to the forefoot and allow them to flex with the boot.

Flex Index 1

Forgiving flex

Flex Index 2

Unisex: Forgiving progressive flex. Women: Progressive flex.

Flex Index 3

Progressive Flex

Flex Index 4

Unisex: Responsive and forgiving flex. Women: Responsive and performance flex.

Flex Index 5

Unisex: Responsive and performance flex.

Forward Lean 11°

For fast riders

Forward Lean 7°

For rookies and easy riders

Forward Lean 9°

For freeriding & freestyling.

FPG Insole

The FPG (Foot Precise Guidance) insole features a cupped heel shape and curved arch under your instep, providing you with maximum support for your entire foot. No more cramping means a more fun riding!

FPT Insole

Our FPT (Foot Power Transmission) insole is put together using 3 different densities for maximum performance: 1) A stiffer material that surrounds your heel for that locked-in heel grip feel. 2) A shock absorbing pad under the heel where you need it most to soak up heavy landings and to keep your feet relaxed on hard packed days. 3) A softer forefoot construction giving additional comfort and keeping your hard working toes warm all day long.

Frequency Technology

The Frequency Technology is a new design approach that reduces visible stitching lines, weight and increases waterproofness.


The Geisha sole is made of a light weight EVA foam compound. It also has very good insulation properties to keep your feet cozy even when the weather is very cold. Rubber studs offer a solid grip to prevent you from slipping.

Geisha Pro

The Geisha Pro Outsole features a lightweight dual density frame, a EVA rubber sole with additional foam chushioning in the toesection and gel shockpads in the heelsection as well as a laminated shank to support your middlefoot. Therefore it offers you optimal comfort and grip.

Hybrid Lacing

This combination of lacing and BOA is the best of both worlds. Have the tight and dependable fit of a traditional lace with a BOA-guided strap over the instep to keep your heel locked in like never before. Fast and precise.

Instep Grasp

A unique, centrally located cable routing system for the BOA boot that allows evenly distributed tightening to both the upper and lower sections of your boot. This powerful system greatly improves the fit over the entire foot and specifically locks in your heel due to the centrally located cable guide design over the ankle.

IPS Lacing

Our Instep Pad Strap (IPS) gives supreme heel hold and eliminates the need for laces on the lower liner to give easier entry and exit and improved comfort. The padded strap sits over the ankle and pulls the heel further into the heel pocket, and also distributes pressure from the ankle strap more evenly over the top of the foot making comfort on another level.


The Lite is a lightweight EVA rubber sole that offers maximum grip in all snow conditions.


The Moonwalker provides supreme grip, dampening and stability. Inner rubber studs conform and grip on all surfaces giving, while the main frame offers support and stability.

Moonwalker Shock Absorption

In addition to the grip and stability of the Moonwalker the Moonwalker SA also includes a highly effective shock-absorbing cushion in the heel to suck up hard landings.

Moonwalker W

The Moonwalker W sole provides supreme grip, dampening and stability for women. Inner rubber studs conform and grip on all surfaces giving, while the main frame offers support and stability.


The light weight frame of our Ninja sole is made of a premium EVA compound for enhanced shock absorption. Combined with rubber studs in the heel and toe section you get a great weight saving outsole with perfect grip.

Ninja Pro

The Ninja Pro is Head’s multi-density EVA sole, featuring a gel shock pad in the heel and foam cushioning under the forefoot for additional dampening. The Ninja Pro also contains a carbon shank for enhanced foot support and features an over-moulded weight-saving mesh construction.


Skate-styled with a Vulcanized look and embracing our roots with the pretzel tread, this sole unit has a shock-absorbing EVA heel cushion to take the sting out of landings.

Pretzel Sa Pro

Head’s premium sole has the skate-inspired Vulcanized look with visible EVA cushioning throughout for the best impact absorption in the line. The material is tough as hell and the pretzel-shaped tread not only reflects our German roots, they offer great grip for hiking.

Progressive Power Strap

The Wide Double Power Strap offers you an even better fit than the usual Power Strap. With the fixing points being moved closer to the eyestay and the wide strap covering a bigger section of the upper eyestay the Wide Double Power Strap offers a snug and tight fit that does not need to be retightened throughout the day.

Thermo Insole



Metal loops and a Tetoron lace material make for easier sliding laces and an easier entry and exit. These liners are heat moldable, come with a 3D molded insole with a solid heelcup to avoid heel movement, and give proper arch support.

Thermofit Hybrid

Our most advanced liner. The lower section has a Velcro strap to customize the width and a Power Transmission Pocket holds your toes down securely on heelside turns. Bamboo charcoal lining is natural and antimicrobial and the breathable foam used helps wick moisture away from your foot. A Collar Velcro strap allows you to crank it tight for direct power transmission and the triple density insole has a strong heelcup, significant arch support and a shock pad in the heel. Heat moldable too.

Thermofit Pro

This liner dispenses with lower lacing (not needed because of IPS and Hybrid lacing on the shell) to eliminate pressure points and give even easier entry and exit without compromising on fit. It is custom heat moldable, the lining is made of natural antimicrobial Bamboo charcoal and there’s a 3D molded insole with a solid heelcup to prevent heel movement and give proper arch support.


Velcro straps replace the Boa on the integrated shell and liner for a simple fitting experience, letting snowboarding’s new recruits enjoy their riding rather worrying about their gear.

Women's Comfort System

The Woman’s comfort system provides a comfier fit and more natural flex on the heelside, while the lower profile of the cuff is more ergonomic to a woman’s lower leg.

Wrap Strap

The Wrap Strap encloses the shaft and is connected to the laceguides. By tightening the boot the lacing load evenly distributes through the belt and encloses the whole upper foot section.