The Frame Wall is the latest innovation resulting from the HEAD intelligence loop. Making the product better, HEAD’s engineers and pro riders were seeking for a solution to address the issue of unbalanced distribution of edge pressure.

The patented Frame Wall provides the answer: it’s the first circular three-dimensional sidewall on a snowboard distributing rider’s pressure on the edge uniformly. Hence riders can put more pressure on the snowboard’s edge while needing less strength due to a more effective power distribution. Head’s Frame Wall is also improving the snowboard’s torsional performance. The added stiffness increases board control and lowers vibrations when riding fast.

The new frame wall technology makes boards longer lasting due to the fact that the snowboard’s top sheet is being protected from delamination based on the three-dimensional build.

The Frame Wall makes your ride smoother, more controlled and, most important, more fun! Let’s face it: It’s the best thing since bread came sliced!

DCT Instinct

HEAD’s DCT Instinct is the first snowboard built with the all-new Frame Wall technology, an innovation adding control and smoothness to your ride due to a circular three-dimensional sidewall.

The DCT shape (Double Camba Torsion) is an evolution of the classic Camba shape. Two cambers starting underneath the bindings and going on all the way to the contact points of tip and tail are combined with flat parts between the bindings as well as in tip and tail. The waist of the DCT Instinct has been narrowed to improve the board’s torsional performance as well as its flex. The result is a board with a lot more grip and a softer flex than the conventional Camba boards. It supports you when cutting sharp turns and initiates your rotation quicker when doing spin tricks both on kickers and in pipes.

Loaded with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), an adapted technology from Formula 1, the DCT Instinct safes kinetic energy produced when changing edges in turns and feeds it back when you ollie or power a curve. You’ll get an insane pop-off on kickers and you will be fired out of turns.

HEAD has added four basalt stringers to the DCT Instinct. Basalt fibers are stronger and less rigid then regular glass fibers at the same weight. Therefore the DCT Instinct is not only lighter, but also has better flex qualities and is harder to break.

Ride on Instinct!

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