The NX FIVE DF is a top-end binding for progressive shredding, with the additional upgrade of HEAD’s brand new DUAL DENSITY DAMPIFLEX. DUAL DENSITY DAMPIFLEX enhances the communication of a rider’s intention to the board’s tip and tail, while providing suspension to the inside of the foot, where the pressures of riding are the most extreme. Cushioning is also provided by Silicone gel pads, integrated into the full-length, grippy EVA base pad, while auto open total straps have dual density padding that is comfortable and power enhancing. A ‘winged’ highback delivers added control, as does the reinforced glass 45 base plate, making the NX FIVE DF one hell of a good conductor of a rider’s skills.

SizesM 25.0 - 27.0 L 27.5 - 29.0 XL 29.5 - 32.5


Adjustable Toeramps
Toeramps can be adjusted by means of a single screw and channel system to fit a rider's boot precisely.

Asymmetrical Dual Density Ankle Strap
Our asymmetrical strap provides more lateral support in areas where needed, while the medial side of the strap allows more flexibility for greater performance.

Auto Open Total
This hassle-free strapping system on our premium models is the same as the Auto Open, but additionally they’re spring-loaded and more.

Dual Density Dampiflex
In effect allowing the binding to float on a cushioned EVA buffer, our all-new Dampiflex system is the kind of technical innovation that defines Head Snowboards.

Flex Index 8
FLEX INDEX 1-10 1 – flexible / 10 – stiff

Full Covered EVA Grip Basepads with Silicone Dampening
The whole base is padded and comes with a grip-tex that gives a strong hold in the binding. Additional silicone pads in the toe and heel give and extra cushioning.

LS Highback
Light and stiff, this is the perfect combination for serious riders.