RX One Black

The RX One, like the RX Two, features the easy-entry functionality of Head’s reclining highback. The binding has tool-free adjustment of both the Dura Tech toe strap and molded EVA 3D comfort ankle strap; these straps are great at translating the input of a rider into true riding power. In short the RX One is an easy riding binding for beginner to intermediate riders at an affordable price.

SizesM 25.0 - 27.0 L 27.5 - 29.0 XL 29.5 - 31.5

Board: True
Boots: Scout Boa Black

3D Comfort Strap
A comfy 3 dimensional strap molded EVA strap - snugly wraps around the foot and offers great riding comfort.

Flex Index 3
FLEX INDEX 1-10 1 – flexible / 10 – stiff

Light Weight Base
Head’s Light Weight Base strikes the perfect balance between weight saving and strength.

Reclining Highback System
This system combines the unrivaled ankle strap of our conventional strap-in bindings with the simplicity in handling of reclining highback systems.

Toe & Heel Base Pads
EVA pads in the toe and heel absorbing shocks.

Tool Free Adjustable Straps for Ankle & Toe
Our ankle and toe straps feature a tool free, single clip adjustment system.