NX Fay One White

The NX Fay One delivers a hassle-free solution to upping your game. The binding is all about making snowboarding easy, right down to its no-tools-needed adjustability. In short this is a lightweight easy flexing binding with no obstacles to improving your skills.

SizesS 22.5 - 24.5 M 25.0 - 27.0

Board: Stella Rocka
Boots: Galore Boa White

3D Comfort Strap
A comfy 3 dimensional strap molded EVA strap - snugly wraps around the foot and offers great riding comfort.

Adjustable Toeramps
Toeramps can be adjusted by means of a single screw and channel system to fit a rider's boot precisely.

Auto Open Straps
Our patented solution to making entry and exit from a traditional two-strap binding as hassle-free as possible.

Flex Index 3
FLEX INDEX 1-10 1 – flexible / 10 – stiff

Freeflex Women Highback
The woman specific symmetric highback specially designed for the lower calf of the ladies. It offers an flex pattern for support in areas where it is needed.

Glass Reinforced Base 35%
Glass reinforced base provides added stiffness and power transmission. This is our everyday all terrain 35% fibers reinforced base.

Light Weight Base
Head’s Light Weight Base strikes the perfect balance between weight saving and strength.

Toe & Heel Base Pads
EVA pads in the toe and heel absorbing shocks.

Tool Free Adjustable Straps for Ankle & Toe
Our ankle and toe straps feature a tool free, single clip adjustment system.

Tool Free Forward Lead Adjustment
A single action, tool-free adjustment for easy customization of forward lean.