The NX FAY V DF is the do-it-all-go-anywhere performance binding for the advanced girl ripper. As you would expect from a high-end binding, it is crammed full of performance enhancing gadgets, from the low profi le LS highback, with its girl specific flex pattern and build, to the responsive and lightweight glass 45 reinforced baseplate, with its full shock-absorbent EVA grip base pad. It is also built for ease of use, with auto open total toe and ankle straps that can be adjusted without a tool and it boasts tool free adjustable forward lean. The binding also features DUAL DENSITY DF, which allows for a more direct transfer of a riders input to the tip and tail of the board as well as suspension for the inside of the foot where the pressures of riding are at their most extreme. It is the binding of choice for HEAD’s pro girls.

SizesS 22.5 - 24.5 M 25.0 - 27.0


Adjustable Toeramps
Toeramps can be adjusted by means of a single screw and channel system to fit a rider's boot precisely.

Asymmetrical Dual Density Ankle Strap
Our asymmetrical strap provides more lateral support in areas where needed, while the medial side of the strap allows more flexibility for greater performance.

Auto Open Total
This hassle-free strapping system on our premium models is the same as the Auto Open, but additionally they’re spring-loaded and more.

Dual Density Dampiflex
In effect allowing the binding to float on a cushioned EVA buffer, our all-new Dampiflex system is the kind of technical innovation that defines Head Snowboards.

Flex Index 7
FLEX INDEX 1-10 1 – flexible / 10 – stiff

Full Covered EVA Grip Basepads
The whole base is padded and comes with a grip-tex that gives a strong hold in the binding.