The RX FAY II is built for beginner to intermediate girls who want to ride without messing with straps. The one-hand engagement of the reclining highback is easy and quick, while tool free adjustability of the straps and forward lean make customization simple. The FT1 base and power transmission strap provide precision response to a rider’s input at a progressive pace. The RX FAY II gives you the time and space to progress.

SizesS 22.5 - 24.5 M 25.0 - 27.0

Flex Index 5
FLEX INDEX 1-10 1 – flexible / 10 – stiff

Power Transmission Strap
Injected frame fully covered with 3D-EVA to offer a perfect power transmission and cushioning to the foot.

Reclining Highback System
This system combines the unrivaled ankle strap of our conventional strap-in bindings with the simplicity in handling of reclining highback systems.