Instinct DCT i. Kers

The Instinct DCT i. Kers is hot out of the heads of our engineers and pro team; a gold star addition to Head’s stable of sticks, incorporating the freshest tech. This includes Head’s take on combined camber, DCT, from which a rider can muster the response and precision of camber and the smoothness of flat camber; and Framewall - the world’s first 3D sidewall – which improves the torsional performance of a board as well as delivering supreme power distribution to the board’s edges. Add to this Kers chips, for the harvesting and redistribution of kinetic energy, power shovel tip and tail, 40mm Basalt stringers on top and base for smooth pop and a slim waist for improved torsional performance and you have a high-end slayer of the whole mountain.

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StyleFreestyle Directional
CamberHybrid Camba

Bindings: NX Five DF
Boots: 5-Star Boa Instep Grasp

Bamboo Stringers
Our lightweight poplar core combined with 2 bamboo stringers in the center also covering the insert area gives the board a very poppy feeling.

Basalt 40
Basalt fibers are stronger then regular fiberglass with the same weight.

Biaxial Control Jacket
The Biaxial Control Jacket is a tight glass laminate weave within our snowboards that optimises control.

Double Camba Torsion
The DCT shape is a evolution of our classic CAMBA shape.

Our all new Framewall has a higher sidewall working as a torsion frame that adds extra stiffness and control to the board.

KERS Technology
KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is a system we’ve adapted straight from Formula 1 to harvest kinetic energy produced during edge-to-edge transferred to electric energy via piezoelectric fibres and stored in the KERS chip.

Sintered Base
Our sintered bases feature high wax absorption and a dense molecular structure for unbeatable durability and ease of maintenance.

Twin Directional
Our Directional Twin boards are not only precision all-mountain riding tools, they are equally adept in the park and pipe.