More Junior Boots


The JR BOA is built to make a grom’s snowboard experience as easy and comfortable as possible. BOA and an integrated shell and liner mean that they can get in and out of the boots with ease – they don’t even have to know how to tie their laces - while easy flex, forward lean and a lightweight build add to the fun and ease of learning to ride. The JR BOA is all about building bridges between a grom and snowboarding.

SizesEUR 18.5 - 22.5 US 1 - 7

LACE UP: Push the knob in and turn for an effortless tightening and a comfortable fit. UNLACE: Just pull the knob to pop and unlock.

The Lite is a lightweight EVA rubber sole that offers maximum grip in all snow conditions.

Thermo Insole
Our Thermo Insole is made from lightweight, yet super supportive EVA foam that provides great vibration dampening and comfort.