5-Star Boa Instep Grasp

Everything about this boot screams precision, from its aggressive forward lean and flex and heel-locking insole to its Double Power Strap and Boa Instep Grasp that guarantees an even, secure fit from forefoot to cuff. Be it corduroy or the steep and deeps, the 5 Star Boa Instep Grasp transfers a riders input directly and without disruption to their board.

Flex Index5
SizesEUR 24.0 - 31.5 US 5.5 - 13.5

Bindings: NX Five DF
Board: Instinct DCT i. Kers

Asymmetric Toe Box
A foot is thinner on the lateral toe side than on the medial side.

Boa® Instep Grasp
A unique, centrally located cable routing system for the BOA boot that allows evenly distributed tightening to both the upper and lower sections of your boot.

Our high-precision foam offers precise power transmission with a great fit.

To tighten, just pull the inner liner lace with just one hand... and it locks itself!

Unisex: Responsive and performance flex.

Forward Lean 11°
Angled for chargers

FPT Insole
Our FPT (Foot Power Transmission) insole is put together using 3 different densities for maximum performance!

Hybrid Lacing
This combination of lacing and BOA is the best of both worlds.

Power Transmission Pocket
Fine-tune the liner’s toebox volume by adding/removing EVA pads to the Power Transmission Pocket.

Stylite MS
The Stylite sole has EVA in the midsole to minimize weight and overlaid lightweight mesh for maximum grip where needed.

Thermofit Hybrid
Our most advanced liner. The lower section has a Velcro strap to customize the width and a Power Transmission Pocket holds your toes down securely on heelside turns.

Toe Width Adjustment
A Velcro strap around the toebox allows you to adjust its width to avoid slipping in the boot if you have a narrow foot.